Purchase Agreement                                

                                Vom Corvinus Haus Puppy Purchase Agreement

Vom Corvinus Haus Rottweilers

29905 N. Clagstone Rd

Athol, ID 83801


Puppy/Dog Contract



Puppy/Dog Information


Sex:___ Date of Birth:________________.


Registered Name____________________________________.


Sire’s Name_________________________________________________.


Dam’s Name________________________________________________.


I, Kolene Kasey Corning, agree to sell one Rottweiler/Rottweiler puppy to the undersigned Buyer(s),


______________________, only under terms of this contract.


There is to be a $500.00_deposit made to reserve a puppy. At no time is this deposit Refundable.


This is a commitment to a Vom Corvinus Rottweiler puppy. If for any reason the puppy is not available the deposit will be transferred to the next available puppy or litter, but is at no time



All monies received are non-Refundable. Buyer’s are responsible for all shipping costs. In cases of a replacement puppy being offered the Buyer(s) are responsible for all shipping costs of returned puppy and replacement puppy. Shipping costs include, but are not limited to, Health certificate issued by Licensed Veterinarian, crate, and Airline fees.


I, Kolene Kasey Corning, Owner of said animal, to the best of my knowledge guarantee this animal to be in good health and free from disease. This animal’s vaccinations and de-worming are current at the time of sale. A health record for said animal will be given to the buyer at the time of purchase along with AKC registration papers for said animal.


The buyer accepts full responsibility for this animal upon taking physical possession of said animal. The buyer agrees to release and hold harmless Seller for any and all liability, damages, or injuries, caused either directly or indirectly by puppy/dog to any person, animal, whether actual or legal, or to any property whether real or personal. Furthermore, buyer assumes full liability for any damages or injuries, whether physical, mental, emotional or economic, caused by puppy/dog, to any person whether actual or legal, or to any property, whether real or personal, after receiving and acknowledging delivery and possession of puppy/dog.

The Buyer(s) have a 3-day Health Guarantee extending to 3 Business days in which to have the puppy/dog examined by a Licensed Veterinarian and is encouraged to do so. If the Licensed


Veterinarian should find a life threatening disease with the puppy/dog then the Licensed


Veterinarian must contact Kolene Kasey Corning (208)290-3034 that same day of the examination. A written letter from the Licensed Veterinarian along with all documentation of tests conducted and results of said tests must be offered as evidence of the puppy/dog’s condition and the puppy/dog is returned to Seller within 72 hours of the diagnosis. Seller reserves the right to a second opinion from Seller’s veterinarian of choice. If it is deemed appropriate by the Seller the said puppy/dog will be exchanged for a replacement puppy/dog of equal value as soon as it becomes available. Seller is at NO time required to reimburse the Buyer(s) for medical costs, shipping, crate, etc for either the original puppy/dog or the replacement puppy/dog. All Shipping costs, I.E. crate, medical expenses, airline fees, etc are the sole responsibility of the


Buyer(s) It is agreed and understood that no money is refunded.


Congratulations on your new Rottweiler puppy/dog. This puppy/dog comes from outstanding German/European Bloodlines. This puppy/dog has been bred to better the Rottweiler breed. It is your responsibility as the new Owner/Buyer(s) of this puppy/dog to take exceptional care of your new puppy/dog. Socializing this puppy/dog is the New Owner/Buyer(s) responsibility.


Socializing means taking the puppy/dog to different environments at least 4 times a week and having the puppy/dog interact with different people as often as possible for at least up to 2 years of age. Appropriate care, I.E. proper medical care and treatment as necessary, nutrition, and exercise is essential for the puppy to thrive and develop properly. I encourage all buyer(s) to enroll in obedience training classes. The puppy/dog should be treated as part of the family; never chained up, or left out in the backyard/kennel for long periods of time. The Rottweiler puppy/dog is what you make him or her. Environment and how the puppy is raised play a critical role in how your puppy/dog turns out. The puppy/dog’s owner is almost always responsible for aggression or temperament problems.


Seller makes no guarantees as to puppy/dog’s fertility or breeding abilities. Seller has no obligation to reimburse buyer for any costs incurred, I.e., medical, shipping, crate, etc. Seller does not guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes that we cannot control once puppy/dog leaves our care; therefore our guarantee does not cover; hypoglycemia, parasites, giardia, viral or bacterial infections after the puppy/dog leaves our care. We do not guarantee against parvo, coccidiosis, distemper or corona virus because these are highly contagious diseases that can be contracted immediately upon leaving our property.


Seller reserves the right to refuse replacement of any puppy/dog returned for temperament or health problems caused by owner negligence or abuse and improper care/breeding of the animal.


Failure to seek veterinarian’s medical treatment when the said puppy/dog has an injury or illness. This also includes but is not limited to: overfeeding the puppy/dog, excessive exercise, improper socialization, excessive crate use, failure to get puppy immunizations, etc. Any puppy/dog altered before 2 years of age via surgical procedure (spayed/neutered, hip surgery, etc) and/or bred (whether on purpose or accidentally) before 2 years of age will be exempt and the Buyer(s) will NOT be entitled to a replacement puppy. No money will be refunded! If puppy or dog ends up being fixed or bred before agreed date and time, contract is NULL AND VOID. At no point

can this puppy or dog can be resold-rehomed-or brought to an animal shelter. If at any given time the Buyer is unable to house or care for the dog, then Buyer needs to contact me and I will take the dog back into my care.


Seller shall not be at any time held responsible for any damages to Buyer/Owner’s household or to any person for injuries resulting from the puppy/dog biting anyone.

The Buyer agrees that if the puppy is to be shipped, Buyer has 12 hours after time of pickup to notify Seller of the puppy’s arrival. If Buyer does not notify Seller within 12 hours after the pickup of the puppy all guarantees of this contract are void.


Replacements: Proof of Life threatening genetic defect (Licensed Veterinarian documentation)


is required. If the Buyer(s) have full-filled all the above requirements and a replacement puppy is to be offered the Seller will offer a replacement puppy of equal value to the Buyer(s) as soon as the replacement puppy becomes available. Prior to this replacement puppy the Buyer(s) must provide the Seller with all AKC registration papers (signed if needed by the Buyer(s), proof of the puppy/dog being spayed/neutered (documentation from the Licensed Veterinarian) for the original puppy/dog. This is to ensure the original puppy/dog is being utilized as a family pet and not to be used for breeding or resale. The Buyer(s) must return original puppy/dog to the Seller, it is at the Seller’s discretion to allow the Buyer(s) to keep the original puppy/dog once these obligations have been met. If the Buyer(s) returns the original puppy/dog the Buyer(s) is required to send All AKC registration papers properly signed, medical shot records, proof of Life threatening genetic defect (Licensed Veterinarian documentation), along with the puppy/dog. Seller is at NO time required to reimburse the Buyer(s) for medical costs, shipping, crate, etc for either the original puppy/dog or the replacement puppy/dog. All Shipping costs, I.E. crate, medical expenses, airline fees, etc are the sole responsibility of the Buyer(s). Once the replacement puppy is received the warrantee has been fulfilled, extended warrantee is NOT transferable to the replacement puppy. No money will be refunded!


This contract is NOT Transferable


I agree to the terms laid out for the purchase of a Rottweiler puppy/dog from breeder, Kolene Kasey Corning, at the purchase price of $___________ plus Shipping & Handling costs of $________________ for a total of $___________. A $500.00 deposit is required for reservation of puppy/dog. Once a deposit is made it is a commitment by the buyer to purchase said animal and is therefore NON-REFUNDABLE. The puppy must be paid in full by date: _________.


If the puppy/dog purchase price is not paid in full by specified date, said puppy will be placed up for sale again with the buyer forfeiting the deposit and rights to the puppy/dog.


Deposit amount: ________________ Date: _________________


Balance Due: ___________________ Date: _________________


New Owner Information:










City: ______________________________________Sate: _____________Zip: ______________


Phone Number: ____________________________________








New Owner Signature:




Breeders Signature:


___________________________________________  Date:_____________






Kolene Kasey Corning phone: (208)290-3034 email: kasey_jones81@yahoo.com