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This contract is between Kolene Kasey Corning                             (name of Breeder), hereinafter referred to as seller and

                                                , hereinafter referred to as Buyer(s).

Mailing address:                                                                                    


Phone #:                                                                                                   


Puppy/Dog information

Sex:     Date of birth:                .

Registered name:                     Vom Corvinus Haus.

Sires name:                                            .

Dam’s name:                                    .


For the sum of $.

There is to be a deposit of $500.00 .

Payments received, $500 .Balance: $ .



  1. The Buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping the puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with inoculations, proper nutrition, which consists of a high end, good quality food given at regular intervals, and fresh water available at all times. Poor nutrition provided to said puppy/dog will result in health guarantee being null and void! The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the puppy/dog, and never allow the puppy/dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision.
  2. The seller provides a 2 year health guarantee against any life threatening genetic diseases. In the event of a life threatening condition, a written letter from a licensed Veterinarian along with all documentation of tests conducted and results of said tests must be offered as evidence of the puppies condition. The seller reserves the right to a second opinion from sellers Veterinarian of choice. If it is deemed appropriate by the seller, then said puppy will be exchanged for a replacement puppy of equal value as soon as it becomes available. Seller is at no time required to refund ANY monies.

The Seller guarantees this puppy/dog to be of sound health and temperament at the time of this sale.  A health record of all Immunizations and dewormings will be provided by the Seller. The Buyer agrees to take this puppy/dog to a licensed Veterinarian of their choice within 3 days, extended to 3 business days, for a physical examination. Should puppy/dog be determined to be in ill health, the cause of which the Seller is clearly to blame, the puppy/dog may, upon a signed written diagnosis from said licensed Veterinarian, be returned for refund of purchase price. Our health guarantee DOES NOT cover Parvo, Coccidiosis or Giardia as these are highly contagious diseases/infections that can be contracted immediately upon leaving our premises. The Seller assumes absolutely no responsibility for fees associated with caring for the puppy/dog. No other guarantees are given.

  1. The Buyer agrees not to use this animal for breeding and agrees to have it spayed/neutered at the age of 18-24 months for females, and no sooner than 24 months of age for males. Any puppy altered before above stated age via surgical procedure ie; spayed/neutered, hip surgery ect, before the above stated age will be exempt, and the buyer will NOT be entitled to a replacement puppy. NO monies will be refunded. If puppy is sexually altered before agreed upon age, health contract is null and void. If dog is bred weather on purpose or by accident, there is to be a $3,000 penalty for each puppy produced enforceable by breeder, and breeder reserves the right to reclaim ownership of dog listed in this contract as well as any offspring produced in breeding of said dog. This puppy/dog will be sold with limited AKC Registration.                    .


  1. If at any time during the course of this puppy/dog’s life, the Buyer can no longer retain possession of the puppy/dog, the Seller is to be notified and given first option of resuming full ownership of dog in order for the Seller to locate this dog a new home. The dog will be returned with all AKC papers and medical records. Should any circumstance arise that affect the quality of life of the dog, the Breeder/Seller is to be informed so that they may participate in determining the future of the dog. The Breeder/Seller reserves the right to approve/prohibit any transfer of this animal to a third party. Under NO circumstances will this dog be sold, leased, traded, given away or taken to an animal shelter or similar facility. Breeder reserves the right to terminate the conditions of this contract at any time prior to final payment and transfer of ownership.


  1. The Buyer agrees to contact the Seller immediately if any questions or concerns arise about the puppy/dog, such as housing, diet, or health. The Buyer agrees to keep the Seller informed of any treatment as it occurs. This provides the Breeder/Seller with an opportunity to follow up on puppies and gives us important feedback and information on the health of our dogs for future generations. After all, you are now a member of our Vom Corvinus family!
  2. Registration papers will either be submitted with the buyer at the time of sale of the puppy or transferred to the Buyer immediately upon receipt from AKC if they are still being processed.
  3. Congratulations on your new Rottweiler puppy! This puppy comes from outstanding German/European bloodlines. This puppy has been bred to better the Rottweiler breed. It is YOUR responsibility as the new owner/Buyer of this puppy to take exceptional care of your new puppy. Socializing this puppy is the new owner/Buyers responsibility. Socializing means taking the puppy to different environments at least 4 times a week and having the puppy interact with different people as often as possible once the puppy series of vaccinations has been COMPLETED at approximately 16 weeks of age. Avoid any/all excessive and strenuous physical activities, including excessive ball play, stairs and slippery surfaces, jumping onto and off of obstacles, or forced running, until the puppy is 18-24 months of age at which time growth is completed. Appropriate care, I.E. proper medical care, nutrition, and exercise is essential for the puppy to thrive and develop properly. I encourage all Buyers to enroll in obedience training classes and there will be a $50 rebate to buyer on completion of class, once proof has been provided seller. The puppy should be treated as part of the family and never chained up, or left out in the back yard/kennel for long periods of time. The Rottweiler puppy is what you make of him or her. Environment and how the puppy is raised play a critical role in how your puppy turns out. The owner is almost always responsible for aggression or temperament problems.


The preceding paragraphs contain conditions established by the Seller to ensure the well being of the puppy/dog. The Buyer’s agreement will continue for the duration of the dogs life and the Seller will have the right to enforce the agreement.


CONTRACT ENFORCEMENT/REMEDIES: In the event it becomes necessary for either party to pursue litigation to enforce the terms of this contract, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Kootenai County Courts of Kootenai County, ID.



Agreed to on this date