• DOB 2-22-2014
  • PennHIP 70% DI Left .34/ Right .48
  • OFA Eyes Normal RO-EYE1929/17F-VPI
  • OFA JLPP Clear/Normal RO-LPP1079/42F-PI
  • OFA Thyroid Normal RO-TH1050/50F-VPI
  • UC Davis Long Coat Clear
  • OFA Hips Excellent RO-77688E54F-VPI
  • OFA Elbows DJD I UL

Vom Wollmans Alexa Corvinus Haus

  • Alexa is our foundation female and she is everything a good female should be. She is reserved and aloof with strangers, but obedient and loving with her family and those she knows. She is a wonderful mother who produces large, healthy litters. She is sired by Tingo Flash Rouse and has more of the German Rottweiler look. She is larger at 95 lbs, with a wonderful topline, good bone, great angulation, tight feet, feminine head, dark eyes and black mouth pigment with correct scissor bite. She is great with kids and absolutely has the Rottweiler "clownish" attitude! She is a medium drive female who has extreme ball drive but also has a wonderful "off switch". She is my constant shadow and truly one of the nicest dogs I've seen. We look forward to seeing the accomplishments of her offspring!
  • DOB 5-7-2017
  • International Champion
  • National Champion
  • Honors Champion
  • Honors Champion in Bronze
  • Honors Champion in Silver
  • Honors Champion in Gold
  • Multi Best of Breed
  • Multi V1 Rated
  • UKC Pointed
  • OFA JLPP Clear/Normal RO-LPP1364/8F-NOPI
  • OFA Full Dentition RO-DE1538/11F-VPI
  • OFA Hips Good RO-78297G24F-VPI
  • OFA Elbows Normal RO-EL12512F24-VPI
  • OFA Advanced Cardiac Normal RO-ACA715/25F-VPI
  • OFA Thyroid Normal RO-TH1099/26F-VPI
  • OFA Eyes Normal RO-EYE2547/29F-VPI
  • OFA CHIC # 144718
  • UC Davis Long Coat Clear

Multi CH Asha Vom Corvinus Haus

  • Asha was bred here at Vom Corvinus Haus Rottweilers and she is our very own Champion! Asha is fully health tested and CHIC Certified with all passing results!! She has achieved her IABCA National, International, Honors and Honors Champion in Bronze, Silver and Gold titles! She is UKC pointed, has been BOB multiple times as well as being V1 rated at every show! She is a striking, beautiful female of medium size with a powerful, muscular build. She has an expressive, feminine head with ears set close and correct, dark eyes and black mouth pigment, correct scissor bite with full dentition. She has a deep, wide chest, straight and powerful front with good angulations, rich, crisp coloring, a short, tight coat and an excellent, powerful and reaching gate. Asha is sassy but sweet with those she knows, and an excellent guard dog who doesn't lend herself to strangers readily! I will continue to show Asha and have high hopes for her as a producer!
  • DOB 9-7-2019
  • Senior Puppy National Champion
  • Senior Puppy International Champion
  • Senior Puppy Honors Champion
  • BOB
  • Multi SG-1 Rated
  • JLPP Clear/Normal by Parentage
  • OFA Full Dentition RO-DE2077/6F-VPI
  • OFA Eyes Normal RO-EYE2721/9F-VPI
  • OFA Prelim Hips Excellent

Jr Ch Dea Vom Corvinus Haus (DeeDee)

  • Dea is out of our own breeding of Vom Wollmans Alexa Corvinus Haus X Jr Ch Xalmo Von Kelemen! Dea is a powerful female of a striking black and rust coloring, with a wonderful, typy head, with correct ear set and size, full dentition with correct scissor bite and dark mouth pigment. She has great depth of chest, an excellent topline and great front and hind angulation! Dea is a high drive female with good prey drives who definitely needs to be kept busy! Dea is very playful and fun loving and can be quite entertaining! We look forward to watching this girl mature and we hope to get her into more shows as well!