Multi CH Eryx From Pantheon Rottweilers

Multi CH Eryx From Pantheon Rottweilers

  • Eryx is a truly stunning example of the Rottweiler breed! He is fully health tested and CHIC Certified! He is an IABCA IntCh, NatCH, HrnCH, and Honors Champion in Bronze, Silver and Gold!! He is a UKC Champion, UKC Reserve Best in Show, AKC Reserve Winners Dog, and has been BOB multiple times as well as being V1 Rated at every show! Eryx also won BOB puppy, his NatCH, IntCh and Honors Puppy Championships in his first weekend of showing at 5 months old! Eyrx is a large male with great bone and substance, he has a wonderful, level topline, a confident, powerful gait with great reach and drive! He has rich, tan markings, black eyes and black mouth pigment, a correct scissor bite and full dentition. His headpiece is impressive! Large with a well defined stop without being extreme, correct muzzle to head ratio, with large ears set and carried correctly. He has a deep, well sprung chest, correct and powerful front, and strong correct rear, with excellent front and rear angulation. Eryx is a high drive dog with high prey drives, while still maintaining a very sweet and fun loving disposition as well as being great with kids! We will continue his show and working career and have high hopes for him as a producer! 🔥 STANDING AT STUD TO BITCHES OF MERIT! 🔥
  • Eryx from Pantheon Rottweilers DOB: 10.15.17 JLPP Clear/Normal, IABCA National Puppy Champion, International Puppy Champion, Honors Puppy Champion, International Champion, National Champion, Honors Champion, Honors Champion in Bronze, Silver and Gold, UKC Champion, UKC Reserve Best in Show, AKC Reserve Winners Dog. Multi V1 Rated, Multi BOB. Sire: RKNA CH Urso from House Rotvis, SE, BH, OFA HD Good, OFA JLPP Clear, OFA Heart normal, OFA Eyes Clear. Dam: Jasmine of Rot Empire, Rated Excellent, Excellent HD-ED FCI, OFA JLPP Clear
  • Owner: Kasey Jones

IABCA Sieger Show Judges Critiques *Eryx From Pantheon Rottweilers, 3-6 month Baby Puppy Class*

Judge Mrs. Bernadette Cox - USA. Coat- Good texture, color and markings, Head- Well shaped and masculine, Bite/Mouth- Good bite and dentition, Eyes- Good color, set and shape, Ears- Well set and carried, Chest- Good depth for age, Front quarters- Slightly out at elbows, Back quarters- Good angulation, Tail- Well set and undocked, Topline- Dips slightly off shoulders, Movement- Moves with confidence, Overall impression- Nice presence in ring. Rating- SG1

Judge Ms. Julianna Bitter- INT & USA. Coat- Good condition, rich markings, Head- typy, very pleasy planes, Bite/mouth- Correct, Eyes- Well set and shaped, Ears- Well set, good break at head, Chest- Devoloping, Front Quarters- Down in pasterns (puppy), Back Quarters- Well angled, muscular, Tail- Well set and natural, Topline- Correct, Movement- Nice for age, nice go round, Overall Impression- Very nice puppy, typy and balanced. Rating- SG1

Judge Mrs. Betty M. Winthers - USA. Coat- Ok, Head- Nice, Bite/mouth- Ok, Eyes- Dark, Ears- Ok, Chest- Ok, Front Quarters- Good, soft pad, Back Quarters- Good, Tail- Undocked, Topline- Ok, Movement- Good as puppy, Overall Impression- Good Breed Type, Rating- SG1

Judge Mr. William R, Russel - USA. Coat-Good, Head- Ok, Bite/mouth- Good, Eyes- Good, Ears- Good, Chest- Good, Front Quarters- A puppy front, Back Quarters- Ok, Tail- Ok, Topline- Ok, Movement- A puppy in training, Overall Impression- A nice puppy! Rating- SG1

Judge Penny King- USA. Coat- Good texture and pigment, Head- Beautiful type, Bite/Mouth- Good, complete for age, Eyes- Well set/placed, dark, Ears- Well set, a little large right now, Chest- Well devoloped for age, Front Quarters- Well set and used for age, slightly down in pasterns, Back Quarters- Well angled and used for age, Tail- Well set, Topline- Excellent for age, Movement- Used himself very well for age, Overall Impression- Very promising youngster! Rating SG1